FAQ & Help Center

A New gf already? Just kidding. And yes, you can change your partner’s profile and we will adjust our gifts accordingly.
We always try our best to send a suitable gift to your partner, but if she didn’t like it - we would be happy if you update us via email to info@cupidbox.co. With a yearly subscription, you can return one gift if it wasn’t to your partner’s liking. If it happens more than once, we suggest editing your profile so we can find better gifts.
Sadly, we can’t schedule the dates of the gifts. They are dynamic.
Each month we will send you an email with three optional gifts. If you don’t reply, we will send the first option automatically. In that case, the gift will be sent directly to you, so all you'll have to do is give it to your partner. That way you can add your personal touch.
If you want it to be delivered under your partner’s name please state so in your profile. In this case, you will have to tell your partner there's a gift on its way.

Have any more questions? You are welcome to contact us at info@cupidbox.co and we will answer ASAP.