Our Mission

As women, we often hear our friends complaining about how their partners rarely do anything romantic. They sometimes feel bored or under-appreciated... and they often tell their partners that they need to be more romantic..

But let’s face it - most men aren’t minded for these kind of stuff.. Or don’t understand how to implement it. That’s where we come in. We want your lady to feel special. We want her to feel sexy and wanted. We will help you make her feel that way.

Each month you’re subscribed you will receive a special treat to give to your special someone. Either a gift, an activity for you to do together or a kit for a romantic evening.

We will send it in a random time each month and it will be your responsibility to give it or make it happen. That way, it will always be spontaneous and you can add your special touch.

We want to really personalise the gift for your loved one.. So the more information you give us about her and your relationship the more fit the service will be to your needs.

Make sure you give us as much information as you can. And if you have tips on how to make our service better we would love to hear them too.

* The Service is written in the form of a man courting a woman but we are open to all kind of courtships and will be happy to accommodate!